Event Request Form
Student Activities Office

I agree that by submitting this event request form, the following is true:

  • I have read and understand the event policies hosting an event as stated in the Club Officers Handbook.
  • My advisor is aware of the event and will be present for the entirety of the event. If my advisor cannot be there for the event, a faculty/staff proxy will be identified.
  • I understand that this event request is not approved until I receive a confirmation email from Student Activities.
  • I understand that I must submit a separate room reservation request and must receive a confirmation email from Student Activities before the event is scheduled in the room requested.
  • I understand that I am responsible for communicating to both Student Activities and Conferences should this event be cancelled.
  • I understand that a late night event is any event that occurs after 9 pm and that there are additional requirements that must be met to host a late night event. Please click here to review the late night policy.
  • I understand that the club is responsible for all aspects of this activity, including restitution for any damage done as a result of this event. I understand the general procedures for the conduct of Stevenson University social events as well as the policies specific to the facility to be used and agree to comply.
  • I understand by completing this form I am responsible for passing on the event request information to my club and advisor.

Check to indicate your agreement.

This form should be submitted at least SIX weeks in advance of your event. Please remember you must also submit a room reservation form via the Calendar Quicklink on the Stevenson website.


Sponsoring Club:
Name of Officer submitting form:
Officer's Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Advisor Name:
Advisor's Email Address:
Event Title:
Event Date: mm/dd/yyyy
Day of the Week:
Set up Time: (Set up time includes time used to put up decorations, set up materials, etc.)
Event Time: (Event time is the actual time that your event will take place in the space NOT including set up and tear down times.)
Tear Down Time: (Tear down time includes time used to take down decorations, clean up trash and food, etc.)
Location: Greenspring      Owings Mills
Room Requested:
Secondary Room Choice:
Is this event for club/chapter members only? Yes      No
Please list the number of each expected at this event:
  Club/chapter members
Stevenson students, faculty, staff and alumni
Non-Stevenson guests


Please describe your event in detail:
Club Foundation This Event Meets: Civic Engagement    Collaborative Leadership    Education
Personal Development
How will this program fulfill the club foundation that you selected?


Is there a contract or rider for this event? Yes      No
If yes, please send a copy of the contract to Student Activities via email at activities@stevenson.edu.

Is this event ticketed? Yes      No

Ticket price:

Will you be ordering catering from Sodexo? Yes      No

Will you need a cash box? Yes      No
If yes, please state the denominations you will need.

$ in 1's
$ in 5's
$ in 10's
$ in 20's
$ in quarters
$ in dimes
$ in nickels
Amount Budgeted for Event:


How will you market the event?

Please make sure that you submit a copy of your flyer to Student Activities via email at activities@stevenson.edu.

Do you want this event advertised on the following?
   Plasma screens
   SU Now Portal
   Student Activities monthly calendar


Please use the following space to provide us with any additional notes or comments about your event that you would like us to know.

You may be required to meet with a Student Activities staff member to discuss this event request before it is approved. Please list the times that you are available to meet with your advisor and a staff member about this event.